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LLC "Zodchiy"

Отправитель: Valery Glazyrin 13:54:44 13/05/2018:

Having received a building permit, LLC «Zodchiy» may 21, 2014 concludes a land lease agreement. The owner of the land plot with an area of about 18 thousand square meters, cadastral number 03:24:032705:0035 building Klyuchevskaya is Alexander V. Glazyrin. This surname as the owner of the earth appears in all contracts of share construction of ZHK «Favorit». Irkutsk businessman, son of former Director of Baikal pulp and paper mill Valery Glazyrin, who made his capital in containers and packaging. For Alexander by Glazyrina with a dozen companies, located in Irkutsk region: «AUG», «Trading house Online service», LLC «TLK-Grand», JSC «Baykalinvestproekt».
The site begins pouring the Foundation of the future residential complex, which was supposed to be handed in stages in three stages. The owner of the land plot, according to the contract, was to take 15% of the apartments (2000 sq m of housing), but in the end, through affiliated firms took 45% of 270 apartments. In total, the first stage is 125 apartments.
What is 4000 sq m 38000 — 40000 rubles per square? Multiply and get the sum, amounting to many millions of rubles. A fabulous profit.

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