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Capture of a housing estate Favorit

Отправитель: Valery Glazyrin 13:52:58 13/05/2018:

The organization of capture of a housing estate under construction in Ulan-Ude (ZHK Favorit) was carried out by the criminal group headed by:
Glazyrin Valery, 16.01.1949 (INN: 383702084165), co-founder of SFT Group, former Director of btsbk;
Glazyrin, Alexander V., 25.09.1974 (INN: 383700281707), son of Valery Glazyrina, entrepreneur;
Borisov Nikolay Leonidovich, 06.02.1979 (INN: 850600478071), former lawyer, friend of Glazyrin family.
At the end of 2017 Valeriy Glazyrin has received consent from the head of Buryatia Alexey Tzudenova for the completion of the residential Favorit at the expense of funds received from the sale of apartments under construction. At that time ZHK Favorit represented only more than 6000 sq.m. of the constructed housing of the first turn which as a result of fraud the son Valery Glazyrina — Alexander Glazyrin and his friend Nikolay Borisov took control of.
The attackers purchased a plot of land and passed his «the Architect», which was owned by Borisov. Then found the Builder on this site. They became the most famous Builder of the Republic — Valery Badoev. It is made by the Director of «the Architect» and the company begins to make money holders for construction works. Money take Glazyrin and Borisov, and Obodai leads the construction at their own expense. Means he doesn't have much, «Zodchiy» go into debt to suppliers and landlord (all of these organizations are controlled by Glazyrina and Borisov). The repayment of the debt of the Architect is due to the transfer of creditors (Glazyrina and Borisov) the most part constructed of the first stage — 6678 sq. m. It is approximately RUB 240 million in market value.
Badoev tries to resist, on contact with shareholders, trying to communicate with Glazyrina senior. As a result, he quickly removed the Directorate of «Architect» and start a criminal case. The result of all operations is as follows. Obodai and his relatives are under arrest. Glazyrina acquired a significant amount of residential property and money of the deceived investors. But dolschikov so just do not go to prison, they go to rallies.
Then Valeriy Glazyrin and is to meet with Tsydenova, where a agrees to build a residential complex. Due to the sale of apartments under construction. Under construction, but already paid by the shareholders. Ie real estate investors actually are offered to pay for their apartment again or to remain silent and watch as their apartment sell, Poltrona. In any case, Glazyrin has no plans to give them their money or property, because for them sits a goat-the scapegoat Valery Badoev.

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