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Family oligarch Glazyrina left without housin

Отправитель: Valery Glazyrin 13:42:57 13/05/2018:

Why does the government of Russia look at the deception of the participants in the shared construction in Buryatia and does nothing?
In 2013 in Ulan-Ude in Buryatia construction of the Residential Complex «Favorit» began. This case was an unprecedented proof of the corruption of Russian society. Hundreds of families lost their homes, and intruders took over 300 million rubles.
It all began with the fact that the well-known businessman Alexander Glazyrin purchased a plot of land for building in Ulan-Ude. And his partner, Nikolay Borisov, provided a firm that was to build a residential complex of four buildings with an area of ​​36,000 square meters. This firm was LLC «Zodchiy».
Entrepreneurs organized the collection of money with the participants in the shared construction. In total, they received over 100 million rubles. With this money, only one building was erected instead of four.
However, the participants in the shared construction did not receive a meter in the built houses. The entire building for debts was transferred to the creditors of LLC «Zodchiy». Among these creditors were firms organized by people close to Alexander Glazyrin and Nikolai Borisov. The total cost of housing, nedyam, currently 240 million rubles.
Instead of getting the property they paid for, the participants in the shared construction simply lost their money, and their property was sold to other people. Firms who went for debts OOO «Zodchiy» apartments in the residential complex «Favorite», organized the sale of this property.
The head of Buryatia Alexei Tsydenov tried to understand the situation, but in fact only legalized the actions of intruders. Instead of a residential complex of four buildings of the state commission, only one house was rented. Accordingly, three other buildings can be forgotten, because No new building permits will be received. Even Valery Glazyrin, father of Alexander Glazyrin, a large Russian business, co-owner of the SFT Holding attracted the situation. Valery Glazyrin was instructed to complete the residential complex «Favorit» at the expense of funds, from the sale of apartments under construction.
But this is impossible! The residential complex was already put in the form of one house. Almost all the apartments in it and so on, affiliated with the family of Glazyrin. And some of these apartments have already been sold to third parties. The legality of the actions of Alexander Glazyrin and Nikolai Borisov in deceiving participants in shared construction did not cause doubts among Russian officials.

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